Ephesians 5:31-32; Proverbs 5:1-18

Romantic desire is given by God to enjoy, long for, and pursue the covenant love of marriage.  

Marriage was created to image Jesus' covenant love for the church, which is permanent, gracious, exclusive, making one, and complementary.

Romantic desire, by sin, is changed to become something we are enslaved to instead of something that we enjoy as a blessing.  Christ leads us to walk freely - not free from romantic desire, but free from slavery to romantic desire.  

As we do, we enjoy the reality that Christ's loving relationship with the church is permanent, gracious, exclusive, makes us one, and complementary.  Christ's covenant with the Church was sealed by His blood on the cross when He took her judgement as if it were His own, and gave her his reward as if it were her own - because faith in Him made them One - forever.