Derek deVries
May 29, 2016
Derek deVries
Lead Pastor


Matthew 28:16 - 20 & Ephesians 3:14 - 4:16

The great gift of the Gospel is that instead of sharing in the relationship of judgement that we deserve with God the Father, we are welcomed into the relationship that Jesus deserves with the Father.  Since we're welcomed into their relationship, we will enjoy Christ the way the Father does. The Father delights in Christ by glorifying Him in all corners of creation and inviting sinners into this joy.  This is, in part, why the church is commissioned to join God in His mission.  

The church join in the Father's joy of the great commission by speaking the Gospel - in love - with the purpose of creating loving family type relationships.  This is how disciples are made, built up, and stand fast in their joy in Christ in the face of lies about our Lord, and through every trial, temptation, hardship, and joy.