I was raised in Transcona, but it wasn’t until I moved to another part of the city as a young adult that my eyes were opened to the treasure of Jesus and His Gospel. 
God opened my eyes to the truth I had been hearing for years from my family and my church: what I desperately needed, God was pleased to provide.  I needed obedience to His wonderful law that I just couldn’t keep, and I began to treasure the fact that God the Son became a man named Jesus.  Jesus deserved only glory and acceptance and reward and blessing as a perfect man BUT He agreed to swap His obedient record with my guilty record.
After finishing college in 2006, Lana and I moved out to central Alberta to serve and learn and grow in a great church there.  We were thrilled to move back to Transcona at Easter 2013.
I am blessed to be able to declare the Great News throughout the Bible with my family and regularly at Park City Gospel Church, and with that Gospel to help lead and comfort and encourage and equip a church family holding to the Gospel that is really holding them.