I was faithfully taught God’s Word and the gospel by my parents, who were saved when I was very young. I was raised in a church where the gospel was faithfully and regularly proclaimed. When I was in high-school, by the grace of God, this gospel was shown to be true and necessary for me. I saw the reality of my sin and my need to repent. I trusted that Jesus Christ went to the cross to bear the penalty for my own sin, and that he rose again so that I, in Him, might have everlasting life as an adopted child of God. I praise God for His exceeding grace in my own life.
After completing my time at University I felt a burden for the great harvest of lost souls in this country. I knew so many people who were growing in anxiety and desperate for comfort, whose search for peace was leading them to painful and destructive places. The Lord also worked in me a deep love for His church, the people of God, reconciled to each-other as they are reconciled to Christ. I desired to serve the church as a pastor, to preach the gospel so that I might see the church built up by God to go out proclaiming the good news of salvation to the lost souls in the world around them.
I am very grateful to God for bringing my family to Park City where it is our delight to see the gospel of Jesus atonement for sins and gift of everlasting life and peace building up mature disciples and being proclaimed to the people of Winnipeg.