Klockenga family
To Every Tribe in Cat Lake

Matt Klockenga and his family share the Good News of our Savior in Cat Lake, Ontario

Keres family
To Every Tribe in Cat Lake

Ron and his family are serving the Lord in Cat Lake, Ontario. We pray for them as they share the Good News of our Savior.

Killillay family
Tara Poto Peru

Tim Killillay and his family serve the Lord in Peru

Darrell Young
Charles Simeon Trust

Darrell Young serves the Lord in Charles Simeon Trust

The following is a list of groups that we've partnered with or groups with whom we share common goals with:

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists (FEB): The FEB is our denominational affiliation.  It is our pleasure to partner with them for the purpose of accountability, encouragement, and the pursuit of the Great Commission.  We are specifically a member church of Fellowship Prairies, a region of the FEB encompassing Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  

Nine Marks: This ministry provides resources and direction especially in regards to how church leaders ought to be held accountable.  

Together for the Gospel: This ministry's focus on the uniqueness and beauty and clarity and treasure of the Gospel of Jesus has brought both huge encouragement and correction to us.

The Simeon Trust: This ministry's direction and resources have trained and encouraged us to be faithful to truly preach what each part of the Bible has to say - especially about Jesus.