What to Teach Your Kids

Ultimately, the responsibility of believing parents is to train their children to trust, know, love and honor the Lord.  

The Gospel (The One Thing)

The Gospel is the keystone in this process; it is when they believe the Gospel that take hold of salvation.  In short, why do we need to be saved, and how did God do that through Jesus?  

Click here for a more thorough description, but here are short ways to describe the Gospel to children:

  • Jesus died in the place of sinners, rose from the dead, and now rules as the King of everything.
  • What happened to Jesus counts for all who believe in Him, turning away from disobedience and to Him.
  • Since Jesus suffered what we deserve on the cross, we won't get what we deserve, we'll get what Jesus deserves.
  • Jesus was treated as a sinful enemy on the cross so we can be adopted as children that God loves dearly.
  • Based on God's Word alone, we believe that salvation is by grace alone (an undeserved gift),through Faith Alone (not what we do, but believing in who Jesus is and what He did), in Christ alone, all to the glory of God alone.

Teach Them God's Word

The Gospel is contained in God's Word; it is threaded through the Bible on every page.  
From God's Word we also should learn:

  • His character, (eg. loving, faithful, holy, etc.)
  • His attributes (eg. all-knowing, all-powerful, etc.)
  • His track record (eg. what does the Bible say He's already done?)
  • His promises, (eg. promises He's fulfilled, and promises we're looking forward to Him fulfilling)
  • and His commands.  

Teach Them The History of Redemption

For a child to 'grow up in Christ' they should be taught the story of God's relationship to the world - and specifically - to His people.  
This includes the history recorded in the Bible:

  • from creation,
  • the fall of mankind into sin,
  • God saving and creating Israel as His people,
  • His promises and commands to His people,
  • His people's history and how God led, cared for,  and related to them through that,
  • and how Jesus fulfilled all the promises ever made to His people.

"Three Things"

God's people have historically categorized what ought to be taught to children and new believers into three categories.  Here are a few ways to label those three categories: 

  • 1. God's Glory, 2. Grace, 3. Gratitude
  • 1. God the Father's Work, 2. God the Son's Work, 3. God the Spirit's Work
  • 1. Creation and Fall into Sin, 2. Redemption, 3. Restoration
  • 1. Law, 2. Grace, 3. Growing in Grace

These are handy ways of answering these three questions:

  1. Why do we need to be saved?
  2. How does God save us?
  3. What happens to us when we're saved?

We highly recommend the New City Catechism as a helpful tool to ensure your children are learning all the basics of the Gospel.