Employment Services

For those with physical disabilities or health concerns

For those with physical disabilities or health concerns

TAC is pleased to partner with REES (Reaching Equality Employment Services) to help individuals with perceived obstacles find quality long-term employment.  Usha Speer is a dear part of TAC and she will be using TAC’s office space to serve the TAC family and those she is introduced to through TAC.  

We would love to serve you in this way.  If you have physical disabilities or have struggled with health concerns Usha’s passion is to work together with you to help you secure and remain in a job that you enjoy.  

We would love to partner together with you, the TAC family on this.  If your friends or neighbours or family members could benefit from this, we would ask you to tell them about how TAC would love to bless them in this way and put them in contact with Usha.

If you know of an employer who would benefit from hiring a person with a disablity, please follow this link for more valuable information.

Connect with Usha by emailing her.

We believe that Jesus has shaped our hearts to be in Transcona for Transcona because He loves Transcona and He is for it’s joy.