Park City Kids

“Like a Child”

Jesus said that whoever would come to Him must receive Him the way a child would.  This dramatically separates the Gospel of Jesus from the religions of the world.  Children are completely dependent on someone for virtually everything.  While religion sets up rules and paths for us to achieve what we need, the  Gospel, on the other hand, states that only those who trust completely in what Jesus accomplished on their behalf will be welcomed by God. 

This shapes our view of children; what our responsibility is to them, and how we ought to learn from them.  A church that cares properly for its children is actually in a better position to know the full joy of a relationship with Jesus. 



We are unashamed about our goal for kids at PCGC.  We want them to know very clearly who Jesus is and what He’s done for them.  We want them to receive Jesus by faith so they will receive what He has earned instead of trying to carry that burden themselves.


Your Kids are Safe: We’ve Made Sure

We strictly follow a program called “Plan to Protect” (P2P) to ensure the safety of children.  P2P is multi-faceted, mandating proper procedures and ensuring that all working with children are screened using reference checks, criminal record checks, and child abuse registry checks.  Our team of ushers is also part of P2P and assist on Sunday mornings by, in part, monitoring the facility.  For more information about P2P, email [email protected]