The following is a list of groups that we've partnered with or groups with whom we share common goals with:

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists (FEB): The FEB is our denominational affiliation.  It is our pleasure to partner with them for the purpose of accountability, encouragement, and the pursuit of the Great Commission.  We are specifically a member church of Fellowship Prairies, a region of the FEB encompassing Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  

Nine Marks: This ministry provides resources and direction especially in regards to how church leaders ought to be held accountable.  

Together for the Gospel: This ministry's focus on the uniqueness and beauty and clarity and treasure of the Gospel of Jesus has brought both huge encouragement and correction to us.

The Simeon Trust: This ministry's direction and resources have trained and encouraged us to be faithful to truly preach what each part of the Bible has to say - especially about Jesus.